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  • I did not realize there was Physical Therapy for your bladder. In just 2 visits my bladder is much stronger. I recommend it whole heartedly! - EH

  • Thank you for being fun, witty and humorous! You make an awkward situation somehow less awkward and so appreciate that you actually treat me like a human instead of a number. It makes a huge difference I assure you! - TS

  • I started seeing you 6 months after I had my first child. I was suffering from incontinence and intercourse pain at that time and the physical conditions were putting a heavy toll on my post-partum mental health as well. The treatment result was so effective that I felt night and day change within a couple of months. You helped me throughout my second pregnancy as well. Now at 4 months post partum with my second child, incontinence has resolved and I'm making great progress keeping pelvic floor pain at bay. I would recommend you to any pregnant woman and new mom. I can't advocate enough for pelvic floor physical therapy at Trumble. -AL 

  • I have greatly appreciated your true concern for my health and well-being. Your tenacity to find the root of the problem so I could truly feel better gave me back the hope I had lost over the years, and is ultimately the reason my health and life has tremendously improved. I feel so much better now it is like I am a whole new person.  I wish you all the best as you continue your good work. - SS

  • I've suffered with IBS my whole life and have not found any real solutions until I was referred to Trumble. I've only had 3 appointments but this is the first time ever that I actually feel hopeful that my condition can improve and without surgery, which was told to me as one of the possible 'treatments'.... I'm really very impressed with this practice and would encourage anyone with the issues they treat to check them out!! - AH

  • Wonderful, kind, safe, supportive physical therapy for women's issues. Just the best. - LT

  • More women should know about this form of Physical Therapy - JE

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