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You're Pregnant!

Being pregnant is hard on your body. We are here to get you through the aches and pains that often occur.  Just because your pregnant does not mean you have to have back pain, hip pain etc.  Let us help you be painfree.


Being proactive about your pelvic floor and abdominals now- will prevent issues later. 

After Delivery

It's time to recover! It is essential to rehab your pelvic floor and abdominal wall.  This will prevent future issues.  We will evaluate and set you on your way to recovery.  We will also deal with other aches and pains that result from  caring for your baby.

Rehab after Cancer Treatment


The treatments for cancer can cause physical impairments.  These need to be addressed:  Loss of range of motion, back pain, shoulder pain, 

incontinence, fecal urgency, uncomfortable intercourse.

Pelvic Pain
Painful intercourse, vaginal burning, vulvodynia, pudendal neuralgia, rectal spasms, painful orgasm, or ejaculation, tailbone pain, constipation, rectal burning: none of these things are normal. We specialize in treating these issues.



Incontinence/pelvic floor weakness


Any leakage of urine is NOT normal. Urgency, frequency, stress incontinence, rectal smearing, not able to control gas, prolapse, rectal urgency - all of these issues can be treated.  They should be dealt with as they will get worse with time. 

Orthopedic Issues


Sacroilliac , hip, and lumbar spine pain can become chronic,  interfering with your day to day activities, sleep, or fitness goals.  


Our experience and specialization in pelvic health will help decrease pain that has been resistant to other treatments. 


Pediatric Bedwetting/Constipation

   Stomach Aches


Involuntary urination during the day or night, may be caused by a variety of factors including muscle dysfunction, and untreated constipation. Working with the doctor, parents and child, we come up with a plan to work through identified issues to help your child get control of this often embarrassing and often painful issue.

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