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trumble physical therapy

What is a Pelvic Physical Therapist? 

Pelvic Physical Therapists have had extensive course work and experience beyond a physical therapy degree. We specialize in the treatment of complex orthopedic and pelvic floor dysfunctions. There are many pelvic symptoms that should not be considered normal.  We will help you address private issues that effect you.


These issues include:


Pelvic Pain :

Symptoms of pelvic pain include: painful intercourse, pain with the sitting, lower abdominal pain that has no known 'cause,' burning at vaginal opening, tailbone pain, and hip and/or back pain that fails traditional treatment. None of these issues should ever be considered normal.


Pelvic Floor Weakness:  

Symptoms of pelvic floor weakness include: any leaking of urine, frequency, urgency, prolapse, rectal smearing, and inability to control gas. These issues should never be considered a fact of life. 


Pelvic Floor Dysfunction:

Symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction include: difficulty emptying bowels, pain, urinary issues,pain with ejaculation/orgasm, misdiagnosed prostatitis, pain with sitting.


Maternal Health:

Pregnant:  back,hip,SI joint, tailbone pain during pregnancy, pelvic floor, pubic pain and postural  to prevent pain and dysfunction, 

Post Delivery: Abdominal weakness, pelvic floor weakness, postural pain with taking care of your baby, tears/episiotomy, c-section rehab, incontinence,prolapse.


Abdominal Rehab after surgery:

After abdominal surgery- it is vital that you restore your abdominal wall strength and function. It goes beyond just doing core exercises!  Your abdominal wall is very important to the future function of your back and hips. Rehab it correctly!


Cancer Treatment Rehabilitation

Restoring ROM and strength after mastectomy, biopsy, lumpectomy, radiation.

Addressing bowel, bladder issues, post- prostatectomy, rectal and colon cancers.

Pre-operative consults to begin stretching and strengthening before procedures.

trumble physical therapy
trumble physical therapy
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