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Jillian Erickson PT, DPT

Corey Dresen PT, DPT

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Pelvic Floor

  - urinary incontinence

  - bowel incontinence

  - frequency

  - prolapse

  - urgency



Pelvic Pain

  -  painful intercourse

  -  tailbone pain

  -  painful menses

  -  vulvodynia

  -  rectal pain

  -  prostate pain

  -  back and/or hip pain


Maternal Health

  -  back pain

  -  hip pain

  -  pelvic pain

  -  incontinence 

     after delivery

  -  blocked milk ducts


  - urinary incontinence

  - bed wetting

  - constipation

  - urgency




  - Constipation

  - Irritable Bowel

  - Abdominal Pain

  - Post-surgical


Cancer Rehabilitation

  - mastectomy

  - lumpectomy

  - rectal cancer

  - prostatectomy



We are proud to offer a unique blend of expertise and one on one patient-centered care for women and men with complex and challenging issues that affect quality of life. 

Trumble Physical Therapy  PLLC

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